6 Ways to Nourish Your Soul At Home

by Elizabeth Elstien
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6 Ways to Nourish Your Soul At Home

Especially nasty flu, disastrous weather, political climate -- all may have you on edge this season. After all, it's just a month into winter and feelings of gloom may be overtaking you as you find yourself staying indoors more to avoid the weather and illness. Don't fret. Use your inside time to energize your home. 

Feng Shui tells us that we have the ability to rearrange our homes so they nourish our souls rather than take from them. Have you ever been inside a home that just felt right? The placement of furniture and decorative items, the colors of the walls and flooring, the smells...all made you feel at home, even if it was the home of someone you hardly knew.

Winter is the time to get your home in order and start feeling good again. There are easy fixes to make your home feel more comfortable and alive, such as these six mostly budget-friendly ways to bring positive flow to your home:

  1. Brighten Corners -- Corners of rooms tend to be dark. Brighten up a room by adding color, light or movement to the corners. Adding a flowering plant; a vase of cut flowers; a round table with a lamp or large rounded crystal with a backlight; or a table-top water fountain helps lighten dark corners and gets energy (chi) flowing.
  2. Soften Edges -- Minimize squared edges--fireplace mantel, shelves, tables--by the use of plants, especially those that hang down. Natural fabrics that hang over an edge help to soften the look too. 
  3. Calm Spaces -- To create relaxing, safe spaces to be alone and meditate, read or be artistic is essential to any home. Chrysanthemum stone helps bring a sense of calming confidence to an area. Try adding a fish tank or a ticking clock to your alone area. Candles or scented oils (especially lavender) help calm and reassure, while the color blue is peaceful and soothing.
  4. Transform Environment -- Open your blinds to let light in (even on the gloomiest of days) and change your space with the use of crystals or colored glass. Create better energy flow and rainbows in a room by hanging a faceted quartz crystal in a window. Place colored glass bottles or larger stones on a windowsill. At night or a dark day, place a quartz or other clear crystal on a light box and watch the show.
  5. Bring Light -- Natural light is important to our well-being, so keep blinds open, but glare can be a nuisance. Reduce negative glare by the use of translucent curtains or frosted glass. Artificial lighting can help set the mood (as in softer light to relax or for romance), provide a positive work space (task lighting) and brighten a dark stairway, hallway or alcove. Choose your bulb type wisely, avoiding fluorescents, to create the right look and feel for each area in your home.
  6. Reduce Clutter -- This is the main problem of most homes with poor energy. Clean out closets and drawers, get rid of boxes, put papers neatly away in a filing cabinet or scan documents to your computer and minimize kitchen gadgets. With every item you see, ask yourself if you really need it. Throw out, donate or sell any unnecessary items.

Stop feeling stuck this winter. Creating a better home environment could be just what you need to recharge your life, nourish your soul and get out of the winter doldrums for good.

Try these tips and use the comment section to let us know what worked for you.



by Elizabeth Elstien


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