Ditch The Flowers and Candy and DIY

by Elizabeth Elstien
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Ditch The Flowers and Candy and DIY

Between Black History Month, Youth Leadership Month, Marijuana Awareness Month and Super Bowl 51, there is a lot going in February. Then there is National Heart Month, tying in with the day of love and hearts we call Valentine’s Day.

National Retail Federation statistics taken in 2016 indicate the top three gift-buying choices differ between sexes with an average of $100 spent for partners/spouses. Women prefer giving greeting cards, candy and an evening out while men typically buy flowers, candy and an evening out with greeting cards a close fourth gift choice for their sweetie. Are you planning on getting something typical or out of the ordinary for your main squeeze this Valentine’s Day? Come on, tell the truth.

For those who dare to be different, wrap up one of these presents:
1. Rose quartz sphere or heart – this crystal opens the heart, increases self-esteem and restores confidence.
2. Entertainment tickets – a music concert, sports game, play, movie or special local event tickets shows you really care.
3. Scents of love – get oils of lavender, musk, rose or vanilla and throw in an oil burner to sweeten the package.
4. Cultural goodies – try some jewelry, food basket or clothes from another country for a cultural twist.

Even if you don’t have money to spend, the DIY approach works just fine for loved ones and workmates alike. Show effort by:
• baking cookies,
• baking bread with a side of herbal butter,
• crafting a shadow box unique to that person, and 
• making your own greeting card.

Whatever you do for your loved ones, friends or coworkers, make it a day to remember.

Have your own DIY Valentine's Day gift? Share it with our crystals and mysticals community.

by Elizabeth Elstien


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