The Dark Crystals

by Elizabeth Elstien
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The Dark Crystals

Yesterday, I saw a large pumpkin smashed in the middle of the road with colorful leaves all around. That’s not the way I like my pumpkin, but the orange carnage reminded me that it’s nearing Halloween. That means it’s time to decorate. I know I’m late to the scene, but here are some spooky decorating ideas for using dark-colored rocks and minerals, along with a primer on the powerful energies they exude.

Spooky Decorating Ideas

Whether you use small or large stones, there are many ways to decorate for Halloween. Here are some ideas:

  • Trick-or-Treaters – Fill a glass or clear plastic container with black tumbled stones and stick in colorful and scary skull lollipops.
  • Decorations – Use a large piece of black tourmaline and place hand-crafted pipe cleaner spiders in orange and black colors on and around the tourmaline “log”. Glue tiny quartz crystal shards on for glowing eyes. Add some webbing to the stone for a special effect. Try hanging pendulums or pendants of shungite or metallic hematite on a sturdy tree branch embedded in a container of sand with pebbles on top. Attach raven or crow ornaments to the branch.
  • Centerpiece -- A very dark smoky quartz (called morion) cluster or two with a lightbox underneath emits an otherworldly glow for a party table centerpiece never to be forgotten. For even spookier décor, place an obsidian skull on a mantle or as a table centerpiece surrounded by lit votive or tea light candles.

Into The Dark Crystal Realm

In the metaphysical realm, dark or black crystals can provide a shield of protection from others or can form a cloak of safety from negativity.

  • Hematite – This metallic dark gray hematite (known as specular hematite) is largely found in the U.S. in association with iron mining. It is slightly magnetic becoming highly magnetic when heated. This mineral is extremely grounding, aiding in removing confusion and negativity to leave one calm and unstressed.
  • Moonstone – This stone comes in many colors, but black moonstone channels new moon energy. Not as common as other colors, this dark moonstone protects and deflects negative energy/bad moods leaving one calm and grounded.
  • Morion – This is a very dark brown to black smoky quartz or dark smoky (as I like to call it), often with dolomite attached, good for protection and detoxification of emotional conditions/trauma, as well as helping deal with stressors in life.
  • Obsidian – Black obsidian is a powerful teacher stone helping one resolve inner truths or demons to achieve a deep inner cleanse. Helps maintain self control and is used as a scrying stone.
  • Onyx – Known to absorb negative energy, black onyx helps ease mental stress and promotes emotional health. This stone is said to change one’s habits if carried or worn daily.
  • Shungite – A mostly carbon stone favored by Czars of Russia, where most of the shungite is mined, this mighty black stone is an electricity conductor to improve medication and magic. Shungite eases anxiety and insomnia, as well as clears impurities of the mind.
  • Tourmaline – The black variety is a stone of energy. It provides a shield to protect you from negative energy and electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices throughout your home or business. The energy is reflected back to whence it came. As a grounding stone, holding black tourmaline helps with panic and anxiety attacks, as well as daily stress.

Have fun decorating with rocks and minerals this Halloween season. Already got some spooky crystal decorations? yShow off our decorating ideas, and we may feature them on our website or social media.


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DISCLAIMER NOTE: We at Rouse Your Spirits are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. Rocks and minerals should be used as a complement to other therapies and not as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. Please consult a licensed healthcare provider/specialist for medical advice.

by Elizabeth Elstien


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