The Raven Calls

by Elizabeth Elstien
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The Raven Calls

What happens when the raven calls, as recently happened to us? This bird is a larger and heavier than your average crow with glossy dark black plumage and otherworldly symbolism. 

Intelligent and curious by nature, this carrion bird was often seen pecking at dead bodies, such as on the battlefield. Ravens have become a wide-ranging symbol of ill omens and death, especially in recent Western cultures. But earlier in time, the belief that ravens foretold doom and gloom was just a glimmer.

Navajo, Hope and Zuni tribes of the Southwest United States believed that the raven was a symbol of light and creation, bringing these peoples out of the dark. The Greeks and Romans of ancient times also associated the raven with light and wisdom and myths tell of white ravens.

When the raven calls, you listen, as this bird can be trained to speak a human language. That said, ravens are naturally talkative and used as messengers, but it is said that their chattiness makes it hard for them to keep a secret. That made some of the gods angry, and Athena and Apollo of Greco-Roman mythology turned this bird black. 

The Norse God Odin was associated with two ravens who traveled the land as his spies and wisdom keepers, speaking of all that they saw, and his daughters, the Valkyries, could transform into ravens. Welsh legendary hero Bran, the Blessed had great knowledge and wisdom stored in his head, which he is said to have removed from his body and placed in the White Mount in London guarded by ravens. 

Pacific Northwest Native tribes of the United States widely use the raven in symbolism believing the bird to be both wise and a trickster and their are many tribal raven clans. Many tales tell of the raven as both a hero to humans and a trickster for its foolish behavior..

There is much more raven lore to tell from other parts of the world, but that will have to wait for another day.


 As we mentioned, not too long ago the raven called to us when we saw these artfully carved raven skulls. We now have just two raven's skulls -- one in astrophylite and one in kambaba (or crocodile jasper) -- to offer (sorry, the black obsidian skull is already sold). Now, a little about the stones themselves. 

Kambaba is a grounding stone that repels electromagnetic forces. It helps calm and align all chakras and gets rid of toxins. The skull above is made from African Kambaba.

Astrophyllite is a potent stone that infuses your body with light and brings on self awareness. Its power to transform the self is similar to the Valkyries power to morph into ravens.

Not sure when or if we can get these raven skulls again. Stop in the store at 216 Main St., Suite 5, Springfield, OR and check them out. It's worth it. 

As always...stay scented and mystical.

James and Beth

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by Elizabeth Elstien


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