Solar Eclipse, New Moon and Protection

by Elizabeth Elstien
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Solar Eclipse, New Moon and Protection

Here in Eugene, Ore., we are in the path to see just shy of a full total eclipse of the sun tomorrow, August 21, when our moon's shadow crosses the earth's surface. Magical. Exciting. Spellbinding. It will be all of that and more with nighttime skies in the day, sudden lack of birds chirping and possibly complete silence.

Many places a few hours away in central Oregon, where complete totality will occur, ran out of gasoline at the pump days ago due to the influx of people and other nearby areas faced the same dilemma by the weekend. That's the downside of being in the eclipse's path.

What's the Big Deal? notes that there is a solar eclipse every 18 months. Why all the hoopla then? This will be the first total eclipse to be visible in North American for 38 years, that's why it's such a big deal. When else can we see (with proper eye wear) and feel the energies of the sun, moon and earth in such perfect alignment? 

What what does the solar eclipse really mean? Ancient alchemist texts believe it means the earth is marrying the sun. Whatever you believe, powerful cosmic forces will either empower or confuse us. 

Impacts are Real

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, there are spiritual impacts to the lack of daytime sun, such as:

  • The environment becomes conducive for negative energies to amass black energy. Black energy is a type of spiritual energy that is the primary weapon of attack of ghosts.
  • The environment is most conducive for negative energies to utilize their black energy to harm humankind during the period of the eclipse, as well as to sow the seeds of destruction of humankind.

Physical and mental impacts of the eclipse are also real and may include:

  • Poor decision making
  • Sickness
  • Negative emotions
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion

Violet Marmur in a article notes that, "The solar eclipse gives you the power to take full advantage of the new moon period [of new beginnings and endings]; it is during this stellar event that you can truly metamorphosize into the new and improved. However, the solar eclipse does not evoke a homogenous energetic feeling for everyone. For some, the eclipse might elicit a feeling of stillness, while others may feel doubtful and unclear."

Protect Yourself

You can counteract these impacts in any number of ways. Praying and being spiritual in the positive sense plays a large part in maintaining your spiritual, emotional and physical health during an solar eclipse. Some believe fasting 12 hours before the eclipse helps your body and mind fight negativity that might ensue.

Clearing out negative energy and strengthening your aura -- the space around you or your personal "force field" -- should be done prior to the eclipse to keep you strong in body and mind. Stones can help here. Use quartz crystals or smoky quartz, two of my personal favorites, to cleanse your aura and keep you grounded during the disruption of the solar and lunar powers. For protection before, during and after the cosmic event, wear, place in your pockets or hold one or more of the following protective stones to counter the ghostly feel of a solar eclipse:

  • Labradorite
  • Malachite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black Obsidian
  • Agate or Agate Eye

Total Eclipse Stone and the Evil Eye

At the store or events, we have the above stones that keep us protected wherever we go. However, the piece called Total Eclipse is an especially protective agate eye (known for keeping the "evil eye" away) with lots of lavender amethyst. Truly a magically magnificent piece for your home during the eclipse or any time. Check it out at this link:

Remember, come on in to the store before September 4 and enter to win a glass gazing ball valued at $35. No purchase necessary, just a smile.

Protect your eyes, feel the spell of the solar eclipse and stay safe everyone.








by Elizabeth Elstien


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