Are You Seeing Red This Valentine’s Day? That May Not Be A Good Thing

by Elizabeth Elstien
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Are You Seeing Red This Valentine’s Day? That May Not Be A Good Thing

Is the mere thought of another Valentine’s Day making you see red? And I’m not just talking red hearts here. The color red can mean a few things. If you are "seeing red", then you are angry. If you are "in the red", then you have no money. Perhaps Valentine’s Day to you means you’re angry that it’s going to put you financially in the red if you buy a lot of fancy items for your valentine.

Yes, people like—almost expect—to get at least a card and fancy candy from their loved one on Valentine’s Day. Instead of just showing appreciation for that special person with a home-cooked meal or night in front of the fireplace, the media has made sure that you spend money to be considered “worthy” of your valentine. 

This is just ridiculous. I’ve written before on do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gifts that express appreciated in a heartfelt way. These gifts are made with love and time. They have real meaning. So, if you’re worried about spending too much this Valentine’s Day, show your love and appreciated for that special gal or guy with something you made or planned.

Write an original song, craft a one-of-a kind card, make that bread from a family recipe or finally relax and go for a long snow mobile ride in a favorite forest. Whatever you decide to do, make it special and from your heart, not from your wallet. Watch this be the Valentine’s Day that’s always remembered without breaking the bank.

Tell me what your favorite Valentine's Day gift is to give or receive in the comments.

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by Elizabeth Elstien


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